Please keep in mind that these are real people. Iím not kidding. I just thought Iíd give you a little insight as to some of these followers of God in relation to their backgrounds and habits for a better understanding of what is taking place:

David and Gary claim to work for the child support harassment people Ėthe State of New Mexico. David & Gary are both bad racists. They hate black people as to the point as to wish them all dead and they call them niggers. On more than one occasion I was told by them to keep away from black people that they are just niggers and not worth their weight in dirt -to put it kindly. These two guys are pretty cruel; however, there are many Christians who do think this way. I could go on, but you get the point so there is no need to.

Gary Detrick habituates St. Martinís and the Mission in Albuquerque. He often attends church services at the Albuquerque Rescue Mission and sleeps there from time to time. David Sore-ass (I don't know David's last name so I refer to him as David Sore-ass) worked for the US Government and Joy Junction another fanatical religious cults in Albuquerque and goes to St. Martinís for his church services. Gary & David were best friends for a short time. They worked together, drank vodka together, smoked dope together, and even slept together. Gary & David were inseparable.

Gary also has a criminal history. Gary was arrested and had done time for sexual assaults on his own children, and he is now supposed to register with the State of New Mexico as a child molester but doesnít. Gary denies his sexual assaults on his children, but he was convicted for this. He was also charged with sexual assault on his ex-wife and this time he was not convicted. The State of New Mexico didnít have enough evidence. In conversations I have had with Gary he said that he enjoyed the Navy and seeing other countries. Then he went on to say that he has hired 13 year-old prostitutes and he enjoyed it very much, but he still doesnít consider himself a pedophile. He justifies this because he says having sex with children is permitted in other countries so therefore it's O.K.. Gary also buys his dope at St. Martin's and the Albuquerque Rescue Mission. Gary was also involved in the theft of guns and was convicted for this. Gary still possesses some of these weapons and has them buried in Silver City.

David went to St. Martin's church service on Sunday with one thing on his mind this time to meet a religious girl. I guess he and Gary had a falling out and this time he wanted to meet a religious woman. Well, David found a new friend. Shortly after the service was over they went outside to talk. David announced to his new friend that he only had a few dollars for beer. His new girlfriend retorted that she would be more than happy to go to work at the truck stop in the form of giving oral sex so that they would have enough money for beer and better enjoy their day. (It appears David found himself a girl with faraway eyes.) David worked for and now frequents Joy Junction to bring Meko, a mentally ill girl, presents from the Dollar Store in exchange for being able to fondle her. Like Gary he's a real nice guy. David also went on to say that the last preacher that worked at Joy Junction was an illegal drug user. David doesn't buy his own dope. Gary supplies it for him. I don't know what it is about Christianity and sexual perversion, but there seems to be a correlation there in many instances that I've seen. I donít understand why the State of New Mexico would employ people like this.

Albuquerque P.D. and the man who would ultimately be selected as Chief by our present Mayor, Martin J. Chavez, selected as police chief a man who had framed a Black man for murder in the 1980s, and who sat on death row for 29 months until he was totally acquitted of the trumped up charges (Van Bering Robinson v. Maruffi, Polisar et al, CIV 84-1216M, Memorandum Opinion and Order, 13 Jan 1986, US District Court for NM. Click here

A Black Man Tasered to Death by Albuquerque Police

An African American State Police officer was sprayed with pepper, handcuffed to a telephone pole and photographed by five other officers in May 2000 in Los Alamos during the Cerro Grande fire, according to court records. A State Police internal affairs report found that the incident was not racially motivated but ... More

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