Because of the harassment by these moral men of God I created this website in memory of the gay boys of the Good Shepherd in Albuquerque, New Mexico -the relentless bringers of God's word and work.

    See If You Can Find The Homosexual Pedophile Priest reminds me greatly of the Good Shepherd because of our good brother, Brother Steven. Brother Steven was a little man that clearly had homosexual tendencies. He was a very friendly fellow who had many young men and boys in his office of whom he loved to hug. (Well, that is all I got to see.) But one day the news media -NPR News in Washington in the summer of 2002- announced that in one given district of 326 priests 78 were being investigated for homosexual pedophilia. Moreover, the State of New Mexicoís new pedophile laws were going to be implemented to combat the assaults on children. The Good Shepherd is situated just across the street from a playground. (How convenient.) In a transitory period our good Brother Stephen disappeared without a trace. So I added this game to the lists of memories of these pious men of God, and Brother Stephen. Do you think the police are looking for Brother Steven? I wonder? Good luck to you Brother Steven, and to all your children wherever you may be.

See If You Can Find The Pedophile Priest

     This next animation The Gays Are Destroying the Church brings to mind Brother Alexander. Brother Alexander has the parlance of a drag queen in heat, and he so adynamic that he is oblivious to all the satire that the patrons remonstrate about him being queer as a three-dollar-bill and he also demonstrates pedophile tendencies and very well could be another one. But what comes to mind most is the fact that one day as I went to retrieve my mail there was a little homosexual man in the front office removing his clothes. I found this very queer and chastise the man for doing so. He became livid and vociferated that I was a prude. But what Iím getting at is: "Why didnít Brother Alexander stop him?" Brother Alexander became wild-eyed and seemed to enjoy it. This is not proper behavior of a supposed man of God. This is the purpose of my illustrating the next animation. I've come to the cognizance that: "Gays donít belong in the church!"

The Gays Are Destroying The Church

     I've saved the best for last. One day approximately 2.5 years ago I sojourned the Good Shepherd for a transitory period. During that time I made a serendipitous discovery as I started to return to the covered area outside the kitchen. What I noticed in the building on the Iron Street side on the first floor was two men bobbing their heads up from a 69 position from what appeared to be a bed (I couldnít see that low) and the only thing that they had on which I thought was strange was black BVDís. They were red faced as to have just finished some very vigorous sexual activity as they hurried to pull up their BVDís and get their clothes on. This all happened in the matter of seconds, and I felt very embarrassed to have witnessed such a dirty deed done by our good brothers of the Good Shepherd. I don't think that I was noticed by the two queer men. I told another patron about it at the time and he busted up laughing and as he said that he didnít doubt it. That ended my sojourn at the Good Shepherd.

    I've hypothesized through empirical extrapolation that the Good Shepherd is a government funded whorehouse for queers. One must consider that by supporting a cult such as this through donations that the possibility of exploitation of the homeless, the desperate, and maybe even underage children could very well be a sobering reality and a terrible violation of the trust of itís supporters. This is only speculation, but itís the best one I can come to by witnessing all that I have being in propinquity of these pious men of God. How could any church group be so demented, evil, and deceptive Iíll never be able to understand. There is no need to go on any further you get the picture. These freaks of nature make me nauseous.

    On the day of 12/17/04 at 9:45 A.M. on the corner of Central and Third I made a serendipitous discovery. I saw Brother Alexander walking south on Third Street so I thought I would end all speculation and controversy about some of the priest of the Good Shepherd being pedophiles. As I passed Brother Alexander I directly asked him if he or his confederates ever had sexual contact with children and to my amazement he nodded his head yes with a big complacent smile. Well, I was in shock. But you know what? I believe him because no one would admit to that if it werenít true. Itís pretty sick.


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    There is an old saying and it goes like this: ďQueens that live in glass houses shouldnít throw stones. You need to take a good look at yourselves and what youíre doing before casting judgment on others.Ē Please note that this is not a Catholic organization, but they are probably just as bad.

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