A salute to St. Martins, Albuquerque Rescue Mission, Joy Junction,
Brother Ralph's cult of reformed drug addicts,
Project Share, and patrons

Because of my precarious situation with the US Government and the Christian community for their crusade for God in the implementation of the Bush Family Values Bill Iím forced to live as a homeless person. By doing so I made a number of serendipitous discoveries about them and their practices. I believe that most people know of the homosexual pedophile priest scandal where 4,500 priests sexually assaulted 11,000 children and that 80% of the assaults were of a homosexual nature. The Catholic Church paid out more than 800 million dollars in restitution. (This was re-announced by Channel 13 News in Albuquerque on 2/18/05). Also, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has said that there were reports of activities of a religious cult responsible for at least 660 deaths and it had been suppressed by members of his own administration in Africa and is under investigation by the National Security Council. (This was reported by the BBC World News Agency.) And NPR News out of Washington reported that in one given district of 326 Catholic Priests 78 were being investigated for homosexual pedophilia. This is approximately 1/4 of the priests in one given district may be sexual predators (pedophiles) and may be a threat to everyone's children. And if I remember right the Russian Government some time ago told the Catholic Church to pack up their panties that they were leaving. They were being run out of the country because child molestation by priests became so prevalent.

See If You Can Find The Pedophile Priest

    St. Martinís in Albuquerque has many homosexual employees that are grossly violating other peoplesí human rights and they say that they are doing it for God. I was threatened, punched in the face, and my seats and tires were cut for God there. One person who works there is a black man that says he is American Indian that goes by the name of Bambi. He sounds like a sweet heart doesnít he? He also went on to say that he is from Washington DC as to make me think that he works for the Government while in his efforts he tries to promote a homosexual Christianity in this establishment by promoting the establishment and their demented practices for Jesus and the Bush Family Values Bill which is a gross violation of human rights.

The Gays Are Destroying The Church

    St. Martinís receives government funding and anyone that enters the establishment is forced to sign in so that they will get there funding. (It appears that even the Government doesn't trust them.) They also receive donations as in the form of food and clothes from places like Garciaís Restaurant. (Garciaís Restaurant was denied a food license from the City of Albuquerque reported by Channel Seven News. I believe it was for having rat droppings on the kitchen floor among other things. It was also reported that Garciaís Restaurant since corrected the problem and was reissued a license.) On a number of occasions from eating the food there I contracted stomach pain and diarrhea. In the menís room at St. Martinís some of the toilets are loose from the floor and leaking. The walls behind the toilets are open and have been for months. I even developed a rash on one foot and I believe that it is from the shower there.

 Ilene, once a member of St. Martinís staff, asked me one day while she worked there if I would sell them my food stamps for half the retail value. I said no that I need them and after this point in time she became belligerent when I came in contact with her. I believe that my not complying with her wishes was the reason. "I canít afford to sell St. Martin's my food stamps, because this is the only source of good food I have. I often get sick eating at the shelters in Albuquerque and the food is often outdated and is delivered in trash bags from trunks of cars like dog food. Some of the food is so bad itís rotten and clearly should be thrown in the trash. But some people eat the rotten fruit anyway because they have nothing."

    But my point is this: "St. Martin's receives Government funding, private donations, and pays no taxes, but they serve outdated food and some people are getting sick not to mention other unsanitary conditions like the bathroom. What are they doing with all the money and donations? Why arenít the patrons getting good food?"

    I do not believe that the promotion of homosexuality is a good practice for any organization especially a Christian one. Members of St. Martinís often ridicule me while their confederates assault me and destroy my property as in efforts to get me to acquiesce to a homosexual doctrine. I donít want to be part of any organization of this kind. Because of the insanity ( the Bush Family Values Bill ) Iím not allowed to work because of the assaults and harassment at places of employment like Allegiance Staffing and Man Power among many others places that I tried to work at that renders me homeless. At Man Power I was threatened with a knife and a shotgun by a person named Eric. I filed a written report with the Albuquerque Police Department and also with a corpulent black woman by the name of Charmaine who works with Manpower that use to leave religious messages on her answering machine. I believe to rub salt into the wound. Nothing was done about it, and I knew that there wouldn't be.

    Because St. Martinís receives government funding it is supposed to be operated as a community center and not a homosexual cult for Jesus. Homosexuality and pedophilia I believe is a mental illness and/or an insalubrious mutation of some kind, but not for me! I know that the replication process of people is not perfect, and I feel bad for homosexuals because I would not want to have to go through life like that. I also believe that it is not right and healthy (mentally or physically) and should not be considered an alternative lifestyle even for God. I donít believe in God or any other super power. I think that Christianity is a simple way for simple people to find simple solutions to complicated problems. Itís a sort of mind control for idiots, and I have better morals than this.

    I complained to Karen and Sister Agnes, who is a Catholic nun, on a myriad of occasions still the human rights assaults continued for more than four years. It became a perforce ryendeavor to find a way to stop the insanity taking place there so I developed this website. They shouldnít be in charge of a pay toilet let alone a Christian organization.

     When I think of Bambi saying he is from Washington DC and promoting Christianity in an establishment like this I think to myself: "Well, maybe George Bush has some sort of an affinity for pedophilia and Jesus in his underwear. Did you know that G.W.'s only real claim to fame is that he was head cheerleader at his private high school? That is a strange thing for a soon to be man to do. You think?" Bush as a cheerleader.

A Catholic group on Tuesday called on Christians to starve themselves to death in protest at the release of The Da Vinci Code. I believe that portraying Jesus as knocking up a whore is far more honorable than portraying him as a homosexual pedophile.

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    Please note to the left what appears to be a picture of a touched in the head homosexual pedophile Jesus standing complacent in his underwear as a fully clothe young boy or girl gazes upon him as if to say: "Jesus Christ not me! Find yourself an alter boy or a Boy Scout! I don't do that!" This picture was copied from a Catholic Church web page. Now that I have thought about it we know that the Catholic Church put together the Holy Bible (the King James Bible and King James was purported to be a homosexual pedophile)and we also know that Jesus Christ never married or had a girl friend. He preferred boys rather than women. The Bible always speaks of him and the boys, but not the girls. Also, Jesus drank wine. I believe that wine is the most addictive form of alcohol and you know yourself that alcoholics are one of the worst form of drug addicts to try to reason with. Do you think that there may be a connection here?

    On 2/1/05 two days after the announcement and posting of St. Martinís Homosexuals For Jesus my tent was cut up. Do you think that there is any connection here? Could this be more of Godís good work? Well, I guess that these idiots aren't getting the message so I decided to explain the real truth about Christianity, and Iím going to try to add a little bit more every week if possible. This may sound dumb, but I really do love my country and this is all the more reason I want to expose Bush and the Governmentís insanity. I believe that people should know the real truth about what is happening to our country and why. So I must continue however long it takes to end the insanity.

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My Conclusion

To be continued

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