They keep messing with this web-page too. If it doesn't read right you know why. Christians are good honorable people aren't they?


Christians say that the United States of  America is a Christian nation and for this reason they should be able to place the ten commandments on a court house lawn. This is how the first amendment reads. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Did this look like it was written in the Constitution on the Christian's behalf. You would have to be truly brainwashed to think so. They were generalizing that religious people have the right to practice their religion. But I bet that they dreaded writing this into the first amendment because these people just made it through the French and Spanish inquisition with their hide. The last Church execution was in 1826. I would loose all respect for a court  that put this superstitious garbage on their front lawn. 

  According to the Mesopotamian Mound Tablets Yahweh was the last Sumerian god. He was an amalgam or one who personified all the previous gods, and according to the Christian community the god who created the planet. Logic will tell you that Yahweh would have to be at least the first Sumerian god or the only Sumerian god to have done this. How could he have created the planet if there were other gods who preceded him? Moreover, the city of Sumer was located in Iraq. The ancestry to the Muslim people, are the very same people, who created the Christian god Yahweh. People just don’t come more adynamic than this.  

Christians often tell me that God is all knowing, all perfect, and all wise and that the Bible is the word of God. God makes no mistakes. You will see as you read on.

I believe that if most people knew what the Bible really said, they wouldn't use it for toilet paper. I don't mean to denigrate anyone, but this needs to be said. Christians believe that they are so moral and correct while to sane people they appear to be a group of sanctimonious morons. For example: They tell us that homosexuality is immoral. In the Bible it says:

1 Corinthians 11:15 new International Version (NIV)

15 but that if a woman has long hair, it is her glory? For long hair is given to her as a covering.

1 Corinthians 11:14
14 Does not the very nature of things teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a disgrace to him, 

What I see in the picture below that came from a Catholic church website is a touched in the head homosexual pedophile Jesus standing there in his underwear. What do you see? When I think of the Catholic Church and how much they care about children I think about this

What the Bible is trying to say is homosexuality or gay people are immoral and gay people are shamefully dirty people. Then on the other hand Jesus had long hair as they depict in the same filthy book. I believe that if Jesus lived today he/she would be a transvestite. Now don't you feel stupid. Christians hate homosexuals, but Jesus was a proclaimed drag queen. This is your own Bible saying this you idiot. I'm not trying to advocate homosexuality, but people are different, and no one is made perfect. I myself do not like homosexuality, but who am I to judge. I believe if Jesus was real, but he wasn't, this may be why the Romans killed him. He was probably parading himself around as a proclaimed fag or woman. This is how in this period of time they dealt with people that were recalcitrant or different. 

Also, the shroud that covered Jesus shows Jesus with long hair and it is kept in the royal chapel, the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Turin, northern Italy. This is now  considered to be a fabrication by some to prove his existence. Many Christians now say that Jesus may have had short hair because of first Corinthian's 14 and 15. Christians lie so much they can't agree on anything. If you're going to be didactic please try to get your shit straight you sound pathetically inept, and the only people that will follow you are people just like you. 
  Shroud of Turin - BBC - New Evidence
What I have learned here is nothing I did not know in the first place. Christians are lying no good people and Jesus was a fag according to first Corinthian's 14 and 15 if this is true, but only a fool would think so, Next Jesus was not black. Look at the facial features. He was a man that simply did not shave, comb, cut, or wash his hair. He was a dirty man. Last but not least it takes very strong ultraviolet light or radiation to create such an image on the material. But what really throws a wrench into the works is where did the image get the light or radiation from in a cave? It doesn't take a mental giant to see that this is bullshit.

Moreover, Jesus paraded  around with 12 men not 12 women which is not unusual for a drag queen to want to do. If Jesus lived he must have been a real piece of work.

Jesus never had a wife, girlfriend, or children. 

What they were describing in the Bible was a promiscuous fag. It is starting to get ugly. There is no need to go on. I just wanted to prove a point. Christian preachers and priests don't know their ass from their elbow. I take that back. Many of them do know. They use religion and the Bible to scam simple people out of their hard earned money. Give me your money and I'll see that the Lord gets it. Right! They are crooks and liars. If we had an honest government they would be relegated to prison for fraud. The Catholic Church is the dirtiest of the dirty because they are a homosexual pedophile organization. How can you dirty bastard's judge me with the way you are because I did not want to live with a Catholic whore whose father ran around with gay priests? Christians are nothing but stupid dirty people. Here is the proof. I'm sorry if I appear so angry, but after 33 years trying to deal with crazy religious people I lost my patience. You are destroying your own religion by trying to pass it off as the truth, while forcing people to adhere to it. The communists knew that it would turn out this way. That's why they let you do it. They are out to end the insanity before you freaks started another world war, and they got you doing all the work to destabilize your own country because let's be honest we are a nation full of arrogant, pertinacious,   didactic, idiots and the best tool the communists ever had. We don't stick together. What does this say about us and our country? We don't deserve our freedom if they can do this to Americans. Our forefathers would be ashamed of us.

Yuri Bezmenov ex KGB Psychological Warfare Techniques. Subversion and Control of Western Society 

  It's very clear in the depiction, in Corinthians, that if Jesus existed he was a drag queen who ran around with 12 apostles. That is just a little disgusting. One last thing. Why do you think that the Catholic Church was murdering people who wanted to read the Bible? They even murdered the man that translated the Bible into English among other languages. ("One of Wycliffe’s followers, John Hus, actively promoted Wycliffe’s ideas: that people should be permitted to read the Bible in their own language, and they should oppose the tyranny of the Roman church that threatened anyone possessing a non-Latin Bible with execution. Hus was burned at the stake in 1415, with Wycliffe’s manuscript Bibles used as kindling for the fire.") They don't want the people to know what is in it, and this is why. It's going to keep its control over the simple minded no matter what to cost, but in reality the Church really does not give a damn about you or they would not lie to you for the control and the money. You are nothing more than a paycheck for them. What does it take to get it into your thick heads. How much more damage are you going to do to society before you see this? Now, lie your way out of that you genetic retrogression's. You're good liars, but not that good.

This is the extent of science in the Christian Bible. God's cure for leprosy. You kill two doves then drain the blood from one of them into a bowl. You dip the second dove in the blood and wipe it on the infection. This is how the bullshit God suggests you cure leprosy. If you really believe in God practice his science and see how long you live you idiot. And remember illness is a result of demon possession. It is in the Bible you cherish so much. 

Another thing that the Bible fails to mention is the fact that Yahweh had a wife. Her name was Asherah. She was a big breasted woman and  as best I can tell she goes topless. I think that this is where the long hair comes in. She was the goddess of fertility. How could the Bible miss this if it's the perfect word of God? But this is not my point. My point is: What do you think Mrs. God had to say after God knocked up the Virgin Mary. I bet she was pissed at the very least. The Virgin Mary is a strange title for a married woman. How many virgins do you know that are married? See how ridiculous your religion is. There are just too many holes in it.

  I'm through with this web-page because it is supererogatory to continue. If a supposedly  devout Christian had read and understood what this filthy book was implying, and they had half of a brain they would see the same things that I do and toss the book in the recycling bin. What a waste of paper! I could be writing about more important things than this. Like the destabilization of our country and the erosion of our Constitution and why people don't care. The communists, like Hillary Clinton, are hijacking our country and forcing us to give up our freedoms. They are destroying our country from within as promised. Communism does not work! Look around and see how people in communist countries live. These are proven failed policies. It doesn't work. This is why China is doing so well under capitalism. This is what we should be concentrating on. This effects our lives and the future of all Americans. Our country is being run by organized crime and traitors.

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The next website may be another religious mass murder of gay people this time. Homosexuals believe, like the Christians and the blacks that they can taunt people into excepting them, and it doesn't work that way. People retaliate. And when they have strong beliefs in a god they murder for that god like the abortion clinic killings and the burning of black churches and so on. Religion is the worst thing that ever happened to mankind.
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What black people do not realize is that many Christian organizations are their nemesis. They are well organized. For example: At Smith's Grocery black people would go in and shop. God's little helper, Patty, would make denigrating faces at them when they were not looking and the other employees would laugh and so on. It's very difficult to fight that. However, black people are under an illusion that they can change things, and they can't -at least not this way. The nexus to their dilemma is religion. Many blacks believe that if they practice Christianity that they can become an equal. In most cases this is not true. Christianity is the problem not the solution. Education is the solution. But the reason education is hindered is that blacks try to recreate history to promote their agenda. One example: Trying to get people to believe that Jesus was a black man, but in reality Jesus never existed. What they don't realize is that the truth always comes to the surface and they are ignored and left with the same problem. Market place competition and friendship along with education is what will create voluntary equality. With education being first and foremost. Learning from our past is very important so we don't repeat the mistakes of the Church again. Until we, as a society, see this the problem will perpetuate.

I believe that the employees at Smith's grocery are very racist. I also believe that black people who go to work there are treated unfairly and forced out in a transitory period. I've seen it too often yet the employees at Smith's are very religious. It's the Christian way.

And then again sometimes black people try to taunt white people into incongruent behavior. Another example is when six black men tried dragging my wife Diane down an alley and my wife came home hysterically horrified. A truck driver got out of his tractor trailer in the middle of the road and run them off with a baseball bat. (What happened to a woman that lived near us  she was raped by a black man and after he was done he cut her up and left her for dead, but she lived and was able to testify in court. This terrorized the community and many people were buying guns to protect their loved ones.) I took her to Ronnie's gun shop and bought her a 38 to defend her-self. I also took my rifle and went looking for them. I didn't want them coming after her again. I don't believe that anyone has the right to rape a woman regardless of how they been treated by others in the past. This is wrong. Diane was a very innocent person that holds no contempt for anyone. This type of action only creates animosity, and doesn't fix anything. So there are two sides to every problem. Education is the solution and religion is the problem. As a matter-of-fact Christianity hasn't done anything worth it's weight in shit since it  started. It is a very evil religion. This is what I see from my vantage point.

I believe in evolution because there's tangible evidence of this. Moreover, it is not hate based. So evolutionists have no one to hate. And evolutionists as a rule aren't after you money. Last and not least everyone is equal because people evolved and no one race is more godly than the other. It doesn't matter what race you are. Everyone is the same. However, the most important thing is that it is true, and not a made up story by primordial reprobates with no compunction. Science is disproving religious dogma every day. Not to mention where would we be without it? Think about it! It is not difficult to see why it is duly noted that letting special interest groups run the country was the worst failure that the Government had ever made in the history of the Congress.

I wish someone would come up with a way to be able to explain evolution to Christians. If you tried to communicate with a Christian you would understand their reasoning ability is limited to good and evil or black and white. When things get to complicated they become perplexed. They seem to comprehend magical stories ok so long as their minds are not labored so bad. I believe if a six-year-old can be taught so can Christians. Someone needs to take the time to do it because they live in our society and bring us all down to their level. Remember, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If we can educate Christians we all would live in a more productive and humane society. Life would be much better for all concerned without hateful Gods to stir up problems like self-destruction. Look around at what they do and if your a sane person you really don't want to hate, torture, and murder. It's wrong for any God to do this to people for any reason.

Understanding evolution for Christians. I tried to make this as easy to understand as possible. The American Indian came from Russia to Alaska over the Bering Strait about 18,000 years ago. Their ancestors were Asian, but over the generations they lost some of their attributes  to acclimate to the environment and their bodies began a transubstantiation to meet the needs of their new environment. Their eyes look different today than their ancestors did.  This is clearly noticeable. I'm part American Indian.

Black people that lived here for only a few generations are not as black as their ancestors that are now coming from Africa because their bodies are acclimating to their new environment. This is not done by a magical God, but our bodies are a  machine that corrects itself to meet the needs of its environment in order to survive.  These are two very simple illustrations that everyone can see and understand. Evolution works very slowly, but efficiently. Without evolution we would not survive very well. I think a Christian could understand this if he/she worked at it. I can't simplify it any better than this. So if you still can't comprehend this you are screwed, and so is everyone that may come in contact with you.  It's pretty frustrating to have to live with a moron.  What can we do? You can house break a dog, but it is difficult to educate a Christian.

  I built this web-page to help expose religion and the terrible things that they have done to mankind. The people's web links in this website are very knowledgeable in the topics in which they remonstrate. It is obvious that they worked very diligently to bring society the truth despite the danger of doing so. Sometimes it is not very auspicious to be honest and daring enough to stand up and tell the truth. Christianity is so rooted in our society and so evil that they almost rewrote history for a fallacious god -Yahweh- while they keep forging forward for control and the money. They have no conscience and take advantage of the unsuspecting and simple minded without a backbone to stand up to such an evil. It takes a courageous and honorable person to do what these people are doing. I'm proud to do my small part to help society see that there are still people who care for mankind despite the evil that they face today. It is clear that they should be venerated for their courage and integrity. The truth always comes to the surface because of people with this kind of courage.


Rome was divided into four different sections. Constantine was a Roman emperor set out to create a one Rome one God; however, he had chose the committee that chose the books that went into the making of the Bible. Christians keep trying to rewrite history to give credence to their bullshit god. (Again they view themselves as the moral majority. What an oxymoron.) Someone plagiarized the story of Horus and created Jesus. Constantine may have worshiped the sun god Mithra which this story was also plagiarized from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. I believe that Constantine was much smarter than this and he worshiped no god. I believe he used the story of Jesus to strengthen his grip on the simple people just like modern day Christian organizations do. There are many pictures and statues of Constantine, but not one of Jesus. As a matter of fact there is no historical evidence of any Jesus what so ever. If Jesus was so great then where is the evidence. There is a reason for this “Jesus never existed, but the stories of Horus and Constantine did." There is strong tangible evidence of this. 

  The Catholic Church once said that Constantine received divine intervention just before the battle of the Milvian Bridge, and he ordered his soldiers to paint a Christian symbol on their shields. This story was nothing but a ploy to convince the idiot that Christianity was real, but history proved otherwise. Constantine built a monument commemorating the battle of the Milvian bridge, and there were no Christian symbols painted on the shields, and no sign of divine intervention. Some went as far as to call  Constantine the first pope. Catholics are noted for their deception to keep control of their followers and the money coming in as a result.       The Deception of Constantine 

If your a Christian, and you feel as though you have half a brain turn on CBN and tell me that they aren’t taking advantage of Christians because it would take a moron to believe the crap they are handing you. But the truth is they are crooks and liars that want your money with no compunction. They don’t care about you, and you mean nothing to them but a paycheck.

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It is clear to see that Christians are the most lubricious and insidious group of people the world has ever known. They are unmatched in the implementation of pain and suffering. They have absolutely no compunction for their evil deeds. They are lower than the dirt in the road and as dumb as a box of rocks in my estimation. Also, the Bible has more contradictions than any book I ever read. This is a clear indication that it is not true and nothing but a big scam for the weak minded.

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